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Ensuring that non-native speaking experts secure the career & recognition that they deserve.

Coaching in English​

It makes sense to improve your communication skills in English to sound like the expert – worldwide

With a dose of British humour to keep you motivated, plus my international industry insights to keep you inspired, we’ll work on your skills in a way that boosts your

I help experts to discuss complex problems with clarity and passion

Let’s make every business conversation count by being intentional about your communication.

By focusing not only on what you say, but how you say it, you stand out as the expert. Together we will find a style that makes you approachable and inspiring – that’s leadership!

Your goals are at the heart of every coaching session.

To be respected & acknowledged
as the expert or leader,
you need to communicate with
clarity, confidence & conviction.
when English isn't your first language.

Clients include

Coaching with Corinne started with Business English, but I soon discovered that it was actually my communication skills that were holding me back in my career.


Making a Professional Impression Every Time

Online ​

Let’s work on it together. I’m just a mouse click or swipe away via messenger, email or Zoom/Teams. No matter how complex your topic or how important it is for you to perform, my coaching always leaves you feeling totally prepared, professional and confident.


Walk & Talk​

Are you taking care of yourself? Let’s get outdoors for some fresh air and light exercise to help you relax. That’s when you’ll find it easier to focus on your message. Your fluency will flow. Step by step we tackle your next challenging business conversation in English.


No Meeting Rooms!!!

The flexibility of working virtually with a toolbox of coaching techniques and tools, is dynamic and fun.

But if fluency is your focus, let’s meet outdoors.
Fresh, dynamic and up to 79% more effective.