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Business Conversation Games

Single or Multiplayer

Discover the gaps in your business vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation

Vocabulary For Each Podcast Episode of Experts Speak English

Business Conversation Games

After months of Zoom or Teams calls, the conferences are back. Time for more knowledge and network

60-90 seconds to speak 'off the cuff' about a topic that perhaps you have no idea about. (Scroll Down)


This was the first quiz that I created. It was designed as a fun way to review what had learned.

I always feel a bit 'guilty' going over things that we have already done, so this way I get to do that all important review and practice work in a way that is enjoyable and memorable.

Conference Communication Game

March 2023

This game was created with Corina, a fellow trainer at some tech companies that we work at. Together we are developing a new programme ‘Bilingual Founders’. Watch this space! 🙂

"Reset" Speaking Prompts Game

January 2023

At the beginning of the year, there is often a lot of talk about new year resolutions. This speaking exercise challenges you to give advice to an imaginary friend, relative or colleague about various ‘life resets’.

When you are giving advice it is a good idea to use ‘if clauses’, otherwise known as the conditional.

Try practicing the unusual phrase “If I were you, I would…”

Business English Quiz

November 2022

Why play the business conversation game?

The trick to feeling more confident actually ‘speaking’ in English, is (not surprisingly) to practice. So if you are stuck for ideas this provides you with some speaking prompts.

You can use this tool to practice on your own or with a friend or colleague but the learning impact will be much greater if you actually speak out loud. It is only when we actually here ourselves that we realise

“Ahhh! I don’t really know how to say that.”


“That doesn’t sound right.”

That is when you notice where the gaps are in your vocabulary, but also your pronunciation and grammar.

There will be four of these a year so you can come back any time and play, on your own or with a friend or colleague, you can do it in person or online.

3 Vocabulary Learning Tips

  1. Make a note of the vocabulary that you cannot remember.
  2. Instead of making a bilingual list of words (which let’s face it never worked at school either), create an English definition list.
  3. Set yourself a target that is too easy not to hit. 3 words a day?

Remember in 3s

Once in the same hour, even if it is in your head
Once in the same week, in a conversation with a friend or colleague
Once next in a meeting or with more people