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Business Conversation

Wheel of Fortune

Why use the business conversation wheel of fortune?

The trick to feeling more confident actually ‘speaking’ in English, is (not surprisingly) to practice. So if you are stuck for ideas this provides you with some speaking prompts.

You can use this tool to practice on your own or with a friend or colleague but the learning impact will be much greater if you actually speak out loud. It is only when we actually here ourselves that we realise

“Ahhh! I don’t really know how to say that.”


“That doesn’t sound right.”

That is when you notice where the gaps are in your vocabulary, but also your pronunciation and grammar.

There will be four of these a year so you can come back any time and play, on your own or with a friend or colleague, you can do it in person or online.

Vocabulary Learning Tip

Make a note of the vocabulary that you cannot think about then use those words as often as you can
Try to use the same word for another ‘business conversation prompt’ above

Remember in 3s

Once in the same hour, even if it is in your head
Once in the same week, in a conversation with a friend or colleague
Once next in a meeting or with more people

"Reset" Conversation Topics

60-90 seconds to speak 'off the cuff' about a topic that perhaps you have no idea about. (Scroll Down)

Relationships whether at home or at work are what make life easier, but you have to work at it and these speaking prompts will encourage you to evaluate your own approach to building and maintaining strong relationships.

March is the beginning of Spring, so these conversation prompts will discuss being outdoors