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Business English

Q4 Quiz

Q4 2022
End of the Year Party Edition

Click on START and repeat what you hear.
Try to use the words in a sentence or question.
Can you pronounce the word easily, does it sound right?
Does the grammar sound awkward and wrong?
What about new words or words that you are not really sure how to use?
This ‘Wheel of Fortune’ gives you an opportunity to test yourself.

For speaking practive, click on START and time yourself, in three minutes you should be able to talk about each topic for
THREE MINUTES. (feel free to sketch out your bullet point structure)
Start – Middle – End (Use the arc technique to guide your audience)
Think about how you will change your pace, volume and pitch
Which body language, facial expressions and gestures will you use?
Will you use a prop, or move around the ‘stage’ to make your point?

Last updated 5th December 2022

Why use the business conversation wheel of fortune?

The trick to feeling more confident actually ‘speaking’ in English, is (not surprisingly) to practice. So if you are stuck for ideas this provides you with some speaking prompts.

You can use this tool to practice on your own or with a friend or colleague but the learning impact will be much greater if you actually speak out loud. It is only when we actually here ourselves that we realise

“Ahhh! I don’t really know how to say that.”


“That doesn’t sound right.”

That is when you notice where the gaps are in your vocabulary, but also your pronunciation and grammar.

There will be four of these a year so you can come back any time and play, on your own or with a friend or colleague, you can do it in person or online.

Vocabulary Learning Tip

Make a note of the vocabulary that you cannot think about then use those words as often as you can
Try to use the same word for another ‘business conversation prompt’ above

Remember in 3s

3 times immediately in your head
3 times in the same hour, out loud if you can
3 times within the week, in a conversation with a friend or colleague
or in a meeting or discussion


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