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The Experts! Speak English! Podcast

Each episode of the Experts Speak English Podcast can be found here.

 This English language podcast for non native speakers who want to make a better impression in English but feel self conscious actually “speaking up” at work. Experts Speak English is a corporate communication podcast helping non native speakers of English to thrive in their career.


Why subscribe to the "Experts! Speak English!" Podcast?

By subscribing to the Experts! Speak English Podcast, you’re committing to your career.
Each week you will get a  new communication challenge.

In my British English, I provide you with an upbeat, entertaining and informative way to focus on your communication skills.

When? >>> Every Two Weeks

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Coco's Communication Challenge

Each episode invites you to put into practice the communication tip that you have discovered in the show. Coco’s communication challenge can always be found here on the website at the blog post for that episode.

Why not share the podcast with a friend or colleague who is also interested in their personal development. Becoming each other’s ‘Communication Accountability Partner’ means that you always have a sounding board to learn from, to run ideas past or proofread your important messages before you hit send.

Why a podcast? (not a blog)

When you are learning about communication and leadership, things like tone of voice and intonation, the use of silence and so on are an essential part of the message, so a podcast makes sense. If you’re a busy bee then podcasts are a great way to learn on the go. Just plug in your headphones and go. If you are keen to learn more, then listen a second time and repeat the phrases that you find useful. Treat it like a pronunciation exercise – superpowered with business relevance.

I used to work as a volunteer radio presenter in the UK and Finland so this is also a creativity outlet for me to share my knowledge.

Podcast Guests

I take great pride in carefully selecting great guests to share their communication and leadership tactics and strategies. I deliberately seek out experts from a wide range of industries, functions and cultures who are communicating professionally in challenging situations in international business.

That way, no matter where you work in the world, you get inspiring insights and can gain from a wealth of corporate communication tips and tricks from another perspective.

Non Native Speaking Guests – The best way to show you that you too can show up as the English Speaking Expert, is to interview non native speakers of English who are experts, gurus or geniuses at what they do. Guests onto my show get a mini coaching so that they can iron out any of their mistakes before you hear the interview, that’s why it is a great show to come onto as your first guest interview appearance. As a guests you also receive the embed code to the show so that it is really easy to add to your website and share via LinkedIn or other social media channels.

Learn anytime, anywhere - podcasts are flexible & fast and efficient!

Podcast Reviews

Listen to the "Experts Speak English!" Podcast any time anywhere.

Popular Episodes of "Experts! Speak English!"

Previously the show was called Clever2gether Communication (hence the cover change)

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Experts Speak English DOES NOT TEACH YOU ENGLISH . It is a podcast for non native speakers who already speak English but feel self conscious actually speaking up at work. It’s a corporate communication podcast for non native speakers of English.

If you love the communication topics but your English is not that good YET, then don’t worry, I can help you.
If we start working together, you will soon, not only be able to understand the podcast, but be a guest on one.

I can coach you or you can work independently with my – soon to be published – audio course. You will learn the right English for your career in a way that is motivational and enjoyable.

This doesn’t have to be difficult or dull. Not at all!

If you speak English at work but are not making progress, that’s because to make progress you need personal feedback from a native speaker and the opportunity to practice new vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation in a way that is relevant to your career. By focusing on the topics and situations that matter to you, progress is faster.

Let’s make speaking English a natural part of how you work without the stress or nervousness.

Many of my clients come to me feeling like a failure, hopeless at English, but those that have followed my system all work internationally now.

So can you. I won’t let you fail.
Follow the Plan and Fluency will follow.