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Why Coco loves webinars

There’s something magical about getting a group of experts in the same virtual space to learn. The more international the audience, the richer the learning experience. As one of the first online trainers in Germany, having qualified in the early 90s when online learning was still new and rather clunky, I have never stopped learning and experimenting with new tools and techniques. My focus is always on you as the learner – how can I make it easier for you to really understand something and then practice it in a way that is both fun  and relevant.

For me our learning space needs to be completely judgement free, a safe space to try things out, use the screen as your stage to bring your message to life and my British sense of humour, upbeat personality and vivid storytelling all play a part in making you feel comfortable and challenged in a way that makes you feel confident and capable.

As an experienced coach, trainer and facilitator I am known for picking people up exactly where they are on their learning journey and taking them to where they want to be – often a couple of steps further. I love webinars and I think you will get a lot out of them too.

My webinars often are a combination of English and German, so if you are a German speaker and can’t think of the word, I’m here to help. In no time with some gamification and plenty of interaction you will be thinking and speaking in English with confidence and pride.


Next Webinar - Power Up Your Pronunciation

I don’t know about you but when I read a word, I think I know how it sounds. Until I say it and realise that everybody else says it differently, or you get those looks don’t you – as people desperately try to work out what you were trying to say.

Many German speakers hate actually speaking or reading in German because their English teacher at school made life miserable for anybody that made mistakes – for me that is bordering on child abuse as many of these people go on to resist speaking English – which holds them back in their careers – that annoys me intensely.

So let’s make pronunciation more enjoyable shall we? In this webinar we will be laughing with games, tongue twisters and rediculous rhymes.

We’ll be talking about your industry with confidence and to do that we will tackle 21 of the most common pronunciation mistakes that people make – with repetition, rhetoric skills and relevance, we’ll make sure that you show up as the professional.

I’ll share some top tools to help you get this right for your next meeting, status report or presentation.

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