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Professional Distance - The Leadership Tightrope #148

Tightrope walker, Amsterdam
Tht Professional Distance tightrope takes practice and self confidence to master

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Coco's Communication Challenge

Coco’s Communication Challenge requires you to sit down with a piece of paper, get yourself a coffee, make yourself comfortable.

What are your boundaries?
What’s important to you?
How are you going to communicate those boundaries?
What is your personal system going to look like?
Is two weeks enough for you or do you need a different time frame?
How are you going to do it? walk/coffee/something else?

Think about those working remotely, keep everyone on your radar.
People need to feel that everyone is getting the same treatment and talk time.
People need to see that you are speaking to everyone in the same way.

At the beginning…Stick with it even if at the beginning it feels weird – stick with it, they need to get used to what is unfortunately still an unconventional approach to connecting with your team.

It will feel authentic, supportive and actually quite amazing
It will just be the way that you do things. This is your leadership style.
You’ll attract great talent and recognised as a great boss.

All That Remains For Me To Say Is:

Until then, be the very best communicator that you can be!

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Coming Up...

Next week you’ll hear how other people in academia, start-ups, schools and the police are establishing their professional distance, even in very flat hierarchies in other cultures where the boundaries are more blurred.

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