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Telephone +49 030 36289155
Mobile Phone +49 0173 1688006

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Corinne Wilhelm
Seekorso 72,
14089 Berlin.

I have a German surname but I am British. My maiden name was Schürmann.

I fell in love and am married to a German guy so I have never had an English surname.

Torquay. It’s in the South West of England, on the coast. I’ll show you some photos some time, just jump on a Virtual Tea Break and all will be revealed. 🙂

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Dog n bone - phone

Telephone Trivia

Did you know that the people from London, referred to as Cockneys, use their own words and phrases that rhyme?

“I’ve just got off the phone” British English
“Just got off the dog n bone” Cockney English (London)

I love speaking to people in person, either on the phone (Let’s walk and talk) or via Zoom/Teams or GoogleMeet.

So feel free to give me a call – in German or English.
If I’m busy, be brave and speak on the answering machine
I’ll call you back as soon as possible.

Feel free to contact me in English or German

I'd love to hear from you ...

Take care now



Corinne Wilhelm * English Speaking Experts
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+49 30 36289155  |  +49 173 1688006

Seekorso 72, 14089 Berlin. GERMANY