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About Me

I'm Corinne Wilhelm Just call me Coco


About Me

Hi there, I’m Corinne Wilhelm​

I’m a British bilingual communication coach, on a mission to make sure that non native speakers have the confidence and skills to create a career that they love.

When I led international teams in London, I noticed that some of my most brilliant team members – usually the non native speakers – weren’t getting the recognition that they deserved.

I’ll always fight for my team, so through mentoring these talented experts, I discovered that usually this lack of success wasn’t a lack of knowledge or expertise, but it came down to business communication and intercultural awareness.

Diversity & Inclusion is my vibe with a determination to make tomorrow’s boards a reflection of the vibrant society that we live in. That means taking action now.

As a multilingual Brit, I became fascinated with supporting these ‘undiscovered experts’. They began speaking up in a way that made a better impression. Their success stories made me smile much more than any other part of my career as a marketing manager.

I often started by asking if they would like to sound and feel more formal and professional in English, this mentoring quickly progressed into their delivery, body language and confidence. Soon, women from other departments and companies started reaching out.

It was so rewarding to see them gain these women gain the  recognition that they deserved, plus the long overdue career promotion. When I moved to Germany I knew instinctively that I wanted to support women at work.

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Podcast Host of "Experts! Speak English!"
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Combining my skills

After emigrating from London to Munich, in 1999, I felt that despite knowing a lot about complex financial services it restricted me massively. I am motivational and outgoing by nature and I felt that my skills could be used more effectively.

I wanted to use my business and leadership skills in a more impactful way.

As an advocate of building your personal brand, my marketing communication know-how helped my clients to be seen as the expert.

Being self employed means no more compromises. I can provide my clients with the best of both worlds – what to say and how to say it to make a real impact on people. That’s what makes a difference.


One of the First to Teach Online

Long before Covid hit I was already an experienced online trainer.

In 2003 I was one of the first in Germany to qualify as an online trainer.  Experimenting with new techniques and technology to make learning effective and enjoyable is my zone of genius.

As one of the pioneers in the industry, I was chosen to speak at the E-learning Day in Hamburg. It was my first presentation in German in front of 300 people.

I was the youngest speaker there and the only one not speaking in their native language, but I was chuffed to get the best reviews.


Having learned German in just 6 weeks walking in the alps, I knew first hand just how powerful it is to get outdoors. Being in nature you feel more comfortable exploring and try things out .

This mix of both English and exercise is incredibly effective in terms of remembering the words and skills – sustainable learning.

More details about my outdoor walk and talk coaching HERE

My Superpower

My clients often ask me how I ‘get them’ to relax? I seem to have a knack for making people feel comfortable enough to speak in English.

Being approachable means being vulnerable. Perhaps it is my upbeat nature and British sense of humour that helps. I like to share stories of rediculous mistakes I have made in the past. For me learning can only happen in a safe space in which experimentation and conversation are more important than perfection.

Together we practice communicating with more confidence and clarity for the credibility that they deserve. My dummy runs will test you to the limit and give you the confidence to shine.


From Business English to Communication

People get recommended to me initially for Business English and they soon discover, through the thought provoking activities that we tackle together, that even in their own language, communication skills are holding them back.

Once you no longer have to worry about WHAT to say (Business English) it is time to focus on (Communication skills) HOW you are saying it.

As a former corporate girl, I am determined to make every moment with me knowledgeable and constructive.


Coaching & Consulting

Native speakers should never be overlooked in English speaking situations.

I support companies in creating a dynamic international corporate culture where diversity and inclusion genuinely count. It’s not just the right thing to do, it also boosts innovation, loyalty and quality.

Unconscious bias, linguistic racism and gender genius are three of my keynote speeches, I have a workshop and webinar for each topic.


Every Conversation Counts

Whether it’s day to day communication with your agile team or something more formal like a keynote speech. Every conversation is an opportunity, let’s maximise on that!

Together we’ll craft and deliver your message in a way that people listen to and take action. Let’s replace monologues with interaction.

Let’s make a difference through clever communication.


Dynamic & Agile Organisations

Three years ago I discovered the agile community. Wow! Here my leadership and communication values were right on track. I have worked with 11 agile teams and 3 VIPs in agile/start-ups.

I was a virtual facilitator for the 2021 Agile Camp Berlin and am an active member of agile Meetups and Slack Channels as well as The Agile Alliance and the Enterprise Agility Community.


My clients include...

International Industry Experience

Straight after graduating from university (BWL), I started in consultancy in London.  I have worked in four countries, speaking five languages.

FUNCTIONS Training, B2B marketing, sales and PR
INDUSTRY SECTORS Technology and financial services.

1. Despite having a German surname, I grew up speaking English in the UK in a bilingual family.

2. I grew up with people from all over Europe because we hosted foreign students in our home in Torquay, Devon.

3. My ERASMUS year was in Finland in 2003 and I was determined to learn Finnish. It was tough, but I succeeded!

4. My Kindle, pencil case and swimming costume are always in my bag. I luuuurve fountain pens and pretty stationary.

5. Before starting my own podcast I had worked at three radio stations as a presenter.

6. I’ve lived in 12 different European cities and have learned 5 languages without any lessons.

7. Every 2nd and 3rd Wednesday you’ll find me at First Berlin Toastmasters.

8. Please don’t give me a plant, I tend to kill them off at an alarming rate. (Sorry Mum!)

BA (Hons) Business Studies
CIM Marketing Diploma
Certified Online Trainer
Certified Coach (ICF)



Life Long Volunteer

  – An Area Director at Toastmasters International Division 95
Supporting four clubs (in Berlin & Cottbus) including the corporate club Bayer Toastmasters to reach their goals through speaking and leadership excellence.


 – PR First Berlin  –  Toastmasters International
 – Berlin & Brandenburg SIETAR (Society for Education, Research and Training)
 – Advisory Board member at Goldrausch eV, Berlin, Germany
 – E-learning Awards Judge at Brandon Hall, virtual
 – Community Manager, TappedIn. Virtual
 – Radio Presenter at Hammersmith Hospital Radio, UK
 – Radio Co-Presenter at Radio Kokkola, Finland
 – Academic Affairs Officer for the Student Union, Hull, UK
 – Swimming Volunteer for a Special Needs School, Torquay, UK

What makes me unique as a coach?

I have always been fascinated by the impact of corporate communication because I have seen how it can literally make or break careers. I am quite nerdy about communication excellence, neurolinguistics and cultural impact.

My clients say that I am a very down to earth coach, easy to work with and they seem to like my little business and communication anecdotes and ideas from my experience at management level. Thanks to my languages, I could start my career in reputable multinational companies. I think internationally, having worked in London, Helsinki & Munich.  I began my corporate career in financial services and technology at Reuters, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Arthur Andersen.

When I start working with someone, I have the ability to connect with people quickly, I am by nature a very motivational person and create a learning atmosphere where it feels easy to talk and share what’s holding them back. On the one hand I do not suffer fools gladly but on the other hand if someone is keen and invested in their own personal development I love helping people to perform and capture the attention of the people that count. As a junior manager I converted a nervous inexperienced team into a reliable powerhouse of marketing communication know how both in-house and in the media.

I qualified as a coach – International Coaching Federation – to help my clients tackle very real communication barriers including self sabotage, imposter syndrome and anxiety,

Working on your own personal development whilst working full time can be tough. If you have a clear goal, a solid system and a motivational sounding board, though it is not only effective but intriguing

When I really challenge my clients with a cheeky grin of mine, they rise to the challenge and realise that they are ready to conquer anything. That’s the thing about me, I am not conventional and not everybody’s cup of tea. To be honest, if I am being a valuable sparing partner, I don’t care. I came out of corporate because I am not a people pleaser, frankly, it is less stressful and more effective just to be me, complete with the odd swear word, driving you hard with some words of tough love.

If you are intrigued, why not listen to my podcast, “Experts! Speak English!”, every week I share my knowledge about corporate communication. Each episode gives you a communication challenge to try out.


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