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My unique blended learning methodology.

Languagenergy is a unique learning methodology that I  developed back in 2002. I’m constantly improving it.

This blended learning approach is a combination of outdoor experiential learning activities, strategically combined with mobile and/or online learning for maximum retention and is an enjoyable but incredibly effective approach.

Languagenergy was designed specifically to get non native speakers of English outdoors to distract them from their anxiety of speaking in English.

Business and technology experts focus specifically on the communication skills that they will need to succeed in their career or business.

Every activity is tightly matched to career goals and job requirements. Participants bring a specific communication challenge to work on. Step by step their performance is practiced and perfected for peace of mind.

Because our minds are stimulated by movement and the senses, Languagenergy always includes a sociable element where you can practice small talk too – so important for relationship building in business.

This multi-sensory approach that simply cannot be found in an office, is a pragmatic, productive and pleasurable approach which was designed for busy executives and business owners who struggle to find time to focus on their personal development.

It has proven to be particularly popular with results-driven introverts, those who simply struggle to focus in the office and adults with ADHD.

Corinne taught herself German this way, refined the system, added an online element and introduced it to friends, and a VIP client, the impact was staggering. Corinne has constantly been improving the online/mobile learning to establish what is now a professional, proven and popular system.

Outdoor Communication Coaching in English

For that freedom to speak, let's take it step by step...

Languagenergy has helped over 300 experts from many cultures and complex industries to become more competent and confident communicators in international business.

GROUP - Business English

2 hours

SOLO - Business Communication

5 hours

If you want to practice speaking in English and would like to have some basic feedback from a native speaking Business English trainer, let’s walk and talk. As a group, I’ll set you some fun conversation activities as we walk. Afterwards we enjoy a well deserved cocktail afterwards with a view of the Wannsee.

  • 2 hours
  • Group of 4-6 people
  • intermediate/advanced
  • Kladow

If you need to perform then let’s get it just right. I’ll find out more about your communication challenge over coffee, we’ll walk and talk, practicing key skills as we walk then after lunch and some feedback you’ll get a deep dive online within 3 days.

– VIP Treatment – just you and me
– 3 hours face to face
– 2 hours online
– 7 days flat-rate access
– Berlin/Potsdam

Walk & Talk in Berlin

Languagenergy is more than just walk and talk in English. It is a lean language learning concept established in 2002

I feel that is only fair to warn you, that once you have tried this approach you will never want to go to regular business English lessons again. Don’t worry, my loyal VIP clients book a package, to keep their performance at top notch.


Feel Good Factor - Food & Drink

The trick to learning new skills is to be in a genuinely supportive learning environment where you can be yourself, that's when it is easier to experiment and speak up.

Online & Mobile Learning - for sustainability

Testimonials about Walk & Talk

Hotel Owner



Liebe Corinne, mit Dir auf Englisch zu “walken” macht mir vor Allem gute Laune und fröhlichen Anfang des Tages.  Wir unterhalten uns auf spontane lockere Weise so, wie jede von uns in der Gruppe englischkenntnisse hat. Du korrigierst sofort unsere Fehler, gibst grammatische Erklärungen. Bist sehr aufmerksamm und ich nehme es sofort (oder bei zweitem mal) auf ;).

Deine Audionotitzen fängst Du spontan aus unserer Unterhaltung auf, verarbeitest auf wiederholungsmaterial per WhatsApp. Sehr nett motivierst Du uns zu lesen und schreiben in individuellem Tempo. Manchmal ernst, manchmal lustig sind wir auch englischbefreundet.  Einfach genial! Easy! Danke. Thank you

Berlin Library Services

Veronika Schonert

First of all, you made me feel comfortable. You were very patient, no matter how long I needed to form a sentence or how grammatically incorrect it was. You created a safe space for me where I didn’t feel judged. As I’m struggling with my self worth, this was crucial.
You are such a funny and charismatic person who is bursting with energy. That kind of rubbed off on me and gave me a lot of motivation. And you managed to make me feel good about myself.

I also liked the combination of different methods, especially the walk and talk bit.
You managed to turn learning English into some kind of an adventure and It always felt like talking to a friend. 🙂

Was zu erwarten

Monika Pfeffer erklärt


Liebe Corinne,


ich finde die Art und Weise, wie Du diesen Nordic-Walking-Kurs aufbereitet hast, genial und vor allem auch Deine britisch-schwungvoll-fröhliche Art, uns die Englische Sprache näher zu bringen, gefällt mir sehr.


Ich persönlich profitiere davon, dass Du individuell auf jeden einzelnen eingehst, die Schwächen und Stärken bewertest und dann entsprechend die Aufgaben gestaltest, jeweils auch gestaffelt nach Interessen bzw. Arbeitsbereichen. Die Grammatik kommt ebenfalls nicht zu kurz. Aber auch Deine ideenreichen Quiz-Aufgaben, individuelle Fotos, Wortspielereien, Berichte über bestimmte aktuelle Ereignisse oder auch Hinweise auf interessante Internetseiten gefallen mir gut.


Beim Walking gefällt mir gut, dass Du die Fehler der einzelnen aufnimmst, aber nicht sofort jede Kleinigkeit korrigierst, damit der Sprachfluss nicht ständig unterbrochen wird. Dadurch können wir unsere Kommunikation verbessern und es macht auch viel Spaß, das Gehirn an der frischen Luft mit Sauerstoff zu versorgen und sich in einer Fremdsprache zu unterhalten. Nebenbei haben wir auch noch die Technik des Nordic-Walking kennen gelernt und der Hund hat seinen Spaziergang gemacht.


Durch das System des Online-Lernens kann ich die Zeit, die ich für mein individuelles  Lernen aufbringen möchte, selbst bestimmen. Dauer, Uhrzeit, Tag oder Nacht – es spielt keine Rolle. Wann immer ich ein paar Minuten übrig habe und gerne etwas für meine Englischkenntnisse tun möchte, kann ich Tapped In nutzen. In der Regel findet sich immer jemand (weltweit), mit dem ich mich online unterhalten kann und finde eben in Clever2gether die von Dir gestellten Aufgaben vor, an deren Lösung ich dann arbeiten kann. So bin ich nicht angewiesen auf feste Kurszeiten, muss nicht abends noch wer weiß wohin fahren, sondern kann flexibel und punktgenau mich zuhause dann an die Arbeit machen, wenn mein Kopf frei ist dafür.


Ein großes Plus für mich ist aber vor allem, dass ich im Umgang mit dem Computer schon selbständiger geworden bin. Durch die Kommunikation via Tastatur habe ich auch gelernt, mit dieser sicherer umzugehen und die ein oder anderen technischen Finessen hast mir auch gezeigt.


Alles in allem bin ich ein großer Fan von Clever2gether und Tapped In, denn so entspannt in einer lockeren Atmosphäre mit netten Leuten habe ich noch nie eine Sprache gelernt.

What to expect

Monika Pfeffer explains


Dear Corinne,


I think the way you have prepared this Nordic Walking course is ingenious, and I especially like your British, peppy, cheerful way of bringing us closer to the English language.


I personally benefit from the fact that you deal with each individual, evaluate weaknesses and strengths and then design the tasks accordingly, in each case also staggered according to interests or areas of work. Grammar is not neglected either. But I also like your imaginative quiz tasks, individual photos, puns, reports about certain current events or even references to interesting websites.


When walking, I like the fact that you pick up on the mistakes of the individual, but do not immediately correct every little thing, so that the flow of speech is not constantly interrupted. This helps us improve our communication and it’s also a lot of fun to oxygenate the brain in the fresh air and converse in a foreign language. Along the way, we also learned the technique of Nordic walking and the dog took his walk.


Through the systematic online learning, I can determine the time I want to spend on my individual learning. Duration, time, day or night – it doesn’t matter. Whenever I have a few minutes to spare and would like to do something for my English skills, I can use Tapped In. As a rule, I can always find someone (worldwide) with whom I can talk online and find the tasks you have given me in Clever2gether, which I can then work on solving. This way, I’m not dependent on fixed course times, I don’t have to travel to who knows where in the evening, but can work flexibly and precisely at home when my head is free.


A big plus for me is that I have become more independent in using the computer. By communicating via keyboard, I have also learned to handle it more confidently and I have also learned one or two technical finesses.

All in all, I am a big fan of Clever2gether and TappedIn, because I have never learned a language in such a relaxed atmosphere with nice people.