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Business Coaching in English
including Flatrate Messenger Access

English Job Interview Coaching

Whether you are the interviewer or the interviewee, if you are not a native speaker of English you are likely to find an English language interview for a job stressful. The good news is that together we can practice and improve your interviewing performance, so that you can make a great impression on your future employer.

Job Interviews – impress the recruiter

Newbie Coaching

Being the newbie can be a real confidence killer.

If like many Europeans you didn’t actually speak English much in school, you will sound, look and feel awkward. School English was great for gap fills and Shakespeare but it’s not going to make a good impression in business is it? So let’s increase your professionalism and confidence through fluency!

Together for 12 months I will be your native speaking communication and leadership sparing partner.


You’ll have the opportunity to practice the right communication  for any business situation in English. By answering questions about your new position you’ll get the perspective to get yourself organised, settled and established FAST in your new role.

What will your easy, quick wins be?

Once you are settled in your career we’ll schedule a hands on workshop, where we discover what exactly YOU want from your career and how to communicate to secure the success that you deserve.

Indulge yourself/a loved one for an international career.

Day 0. What to wear, what to take, what to do.
Day 1. Making a great first impression.
Week 1. 
Reflecting on your first week.
Month 2. 
Processes and procedures – getting clarity.
Month 3. 
Status reports and updating colleagues.
Month 4. 
Reaching out for support, training & information.
Month 5. 
Connecting with colleagues & stakeholders.
Month 6. 
Opportunities to grow as a professional.
Month 8. 
Your Personal Brand
Month 12. 
Your 3-5 Year Career Plan Workshop

Experienced Professional Career Coaching​

Experienced, Knowledgeable and already an expert.
It’s time for more responsibility, recognition and remuneration?

If you feel like you finally have the headspace to focus on your career then this is the package for you. You already have the knowledge and experience. What you need is the right communication and leadership skills to get noticed.

Whether you want a promotion, more international clients and speaking opportunities, or a position on the board then investing in your communication and leadership skills will get you there faster.

Let’s position yourself in the minds of those that matter not just as the expert but also as a leader.

Thought Leadership – Planning, Scheduling & Delivery

Podcast/Media Interviews – great guest appearances


Business Coaching in English (Online)

English Job Interview Coaching

Start working for an international organisation.
  • 3 Online Coaching Sessions (Application, Interview & Follow Up with employer)
  • Proofreading of CV & application letter plus any follow up emails with recruiters
  • Interview Dummy Runs Using Questions from Recruiting Specialists
  • WhatsApp Support (Exercises, Pronunciation Videos, English Immersion Tips)

Professional Career Coaching

Progressing from management to international leadership
  • Business English Refresher or LinkedIn Level Up
  • 12 Online Coaching Sessions
  • Proofreading (60 Minutes / week)
  • WhatsApp Support & Dummy Runs
  • Commit to and get support with your thought leadership goal
  • 20% discount on my English Speaking Experts Membership Club
79 per month

Communication Kudos

For agile organisations working internationally
  • Business English Training Course including Bespoke Online modules
  • Communication & Business English Workshops & Webinars
  • On The Job Coaching
  • Walk & Talk Business Conversation (Berlin & Potsdam)
  • Proofreading & Translation (30 Minutes/Person/Month)
  • English Language Skills Testing & Benchmarking System
  • Job Interviewing Support
  • Peer Report Presentions / Podcast
  • Masterminds for Top Talent (women, minorities, inclusion etc)
239 /per person, monthly

Let's find the right solution for YOU​