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Is your business English (really) good enough?

Business English

I help experts in business and technology who felt uncomfortable SPEAKING English to finally gain the confidence and recognition that they deserve.

Despite 8-12 years of school English. Many feel that they should be able to improve their English with apps or general Business English courses.

In reality, if you’re a modern, supportive parent then juggling a demanding career and your family, that doesn’t leave you with much time or energy, does it?

The trick is to find a solution that is both incredibly effective but also enjoyable to stick to – even when it’s crazy at work. Because let’s face it, that’s the rule, not the exception, right?

That’s why my approach is based on building both your industry knowledge and network. That makes showing up as the English Speaking Expert just a part of who you are.

If you avoid contributing to the business discussions at work because you think your English is not good enough, I can guarantee you that you’re not the only one.



Furious boss scolding young frustrated intern with bad work resu
Communication is key

Many managers worry about the level of their English.

Most of my clients used to panic, desperately trying to find the right words. Once they finally found the words, the conversation had already moved on. Another opportunity missed. Grrrr!

For small talk, your school English is ok, but in a more formal business setting you panic.

Surely someone with your experience should be getting the sexier, international projects and clients?

If only your English was better.

  • Is it time for a more rewarding career?
  • Are you ready for more responsibility?
  • Do you want to be seen as the expert?
  • Is it time to be respected as a leader?

Improving your English is sooooo much easier than you think.

You’re always teaching yourself new things. This is no different, you just need to have a flexible process that is designed with you and your goals in mind.

Together we can improve your English faster and more efficiently. When an opportunity comes up, you’ll be ready to go for it with confidence.

All you need is my tried and tested ‘Professional not Perfect Fluency Formula’. It has helped experts from all over the world to create a genuinely fulfilling career.

I’ll get you speaking in English about topics that you are professionally passionate about.

You’ll immediately improve through honest, constructive language feedback – and plenty of motivation to keep you on track.

It’s easy to succeed if you have a native speaking coach like me to keep it fresh, relevant and inspiring.

I give you practical speaking and conversation tasks that expand your knowledge and your network, in English. I’ll keep you thinking about business in English between sessions via messenger too, boosting retention and motivation.

Mastering your Business English is a massive confidence booster that will certainly open doors for you. So, are you ready to finally speak up in English…if so, take action now?

Book in below for a Virtual Tea Break. Together we’ll discover exactly how your English can get you closer to your goals. We’ll use my “International Communication Radar”. I’ll discover how you learn, what your schedule is, how you tick and based on that I’ll create a personal coaching programme that gets you to your career goals fast.

No stress.
No classroom.
No embarrassment.

Together we’ll find an inspiring way for you to improve your English. Get ready for the next level in your career or business.

Furious boss scolding young frustrated intern with bad work resu
Popular leaving gift

Wouldn’t it be great to have practically immediate help from a native speaking communication coach for just 100 minutes to make sure that your English speaking performance is on point.

Just one session, no commitment.

Together we will prepare, practice and polish your performance, whether it is on the shop floor with one member of staff or on the stage in front of 1001 industry experts, we’ll pull this off together.

Having coached many professionals like yourself, 100 minutes has become my personal favourite. We quickly break through the nervousness, you relax and start feeling secure. You can go in feeling confident and convincing.

Give yourself a Career Chance Card today and know that you can trade it in at any time to perform like a pro – at short notice. Give yourself the chance to seize any opportunity.

Valid for 365 days.
€250. Great Leaving Gift

Personal or Group Coaching?

Both the Clever2gether Mastermind and the English Speaking Experts Club mentioned are popular group options but perhaps you need a more individual approach.

Advantages of being a VIP

As a VIP, it is just you and me, so you decide what we need to focus on based on your career goals, when we meet. You’ll make progress much faster.

No more than 6 VIPs.
My VIPs know that they can contact me any time. As a VIP I will check things for you, giving you the confidence to take action faster, so you’ll make a more professional impression.

Advantages of groups

For many, joining a club or a mastermind, can be more inspirational and insightful and better for (constructive) networking too. The sociable yet results driven option.

The right solution for you will depend on your learning style, schedule and career or family commitments, so Let’s meet online for a virtual tea break and together, speaking in English or German we can find the right solution for YOU.