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Job Interview Preparation

The right person for the job, the team and the organisation

If you have just been invited for an English interview, it’s nerve wrecking isn’t it?

Instead of freaking out,  just prepare systematically with a native speaker who is also an experienced interviewer.

You’ll need to be able to react instantly in English and still make a good impression. All you need is the right practice.

I prepare you for the interview, so that you go in with more confidence and clarity so that you shine, not shake.

The expert evaluating the job applicants in English, needs to be prepared for their questions and a range of responses.

Get ready to be seen as an approachable advocate for your organisation. Do more than ask questions, sell the role.

You should be so comfortable interviewing in English that it’s easy for you to keep the conversation flowing.

Learn how you can read between the lines, interpret their body language and find out what really motivates them.

English Job Interview Skills & Services

English language job interviews make sense. Many people write English: Fluent on their CV.

In reality, they might not use their English much in their current job, creating a potential communication headache.

In multicultural teams, English is the Lingua Franca or “Weltsprache” making it a non negotiable rejection criteria.

It might feel intimidating talking about yourself in English but their expectation is not that you speak English perfectly.

The purpose of the English interview is to see if candidates can operate professionally in English.

Employers and Recruitment agencies hire me to interview their staff. So whether you are asking or answering the questions, I can help you to make a professional impression in the English job interview.

Job Interview Coaching

I will give you a mock/dummy/trial  interview and give you personal feedback on your replies. That’s just the start.

You will be interviewed based on a comprehensive bank of questions generously shared by  former clients working in HR.

Because I know the agenda behind each question, I will share with you, what it is that recruiters want to find out.

Together, based on the video of your interview performance, we evaluate what you can improve.

As a native speaker of English, I’ll correct any mistakes in your English vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.

It’s not just the words you use is it? We’ll also consider the impact that your appearance, body language and voice.

Through this unique communication coaching, you will make a professional impression in a way that is authentic to you.

I’ll coach you so that you can dramatically improve your performance, to boost your confidence on the day.

Job InterviewER Coaching

If you take your recruitment role seriously, it is not enough to ‘just wing it’ and translate some questions into English. 

In reality, experienced staff involved in recruiting, often feel intimidated about having to interview in English. 

To make the right decision you need to be able to understand exactly what is being said and read between the lines. 

Plus you need to be flexible and fluent enough to answer their questions in an honest and convincing way.

With practice your confidence and fluency will have an impact on your approachability as an advocate of your organisation.

Especially if your candidates are comfortable speaking in English, because your fluency affects your confidence. 

Communication coaching which is focused specifically on recruitment is rare and difficult to find with a German speaking coach who has first hand experience of interviewing candidates.

 DISC Assessments available too

Kannst du sie nicht einfach für mich interviewen, Corinne?

Can’t you just do the interviews for me, Corinne?

If you don’t need to use your English very often or you need to reduce the short list quickly, no problem, I can help.


If an English language interview makes total sense for the role, but your English is errrr – not so great. Don’t worry.

I can join you for the interview or just call/interview them myself, saving you time and stress.

As a native speaking trainer with a corporate background, I can easily and quickly evaluate candidates. You’ll know for sure if they can genuinely ‘speak’ in English with professionalism or just slapped it on the CV (fingers crossed). 

My feedback is an impartial language skills observation based on predetermined selection criteria.


Klar doch, mache ich öfter!

Together we choose which business scenario your candidates should be asked to resolve in English. I’ll challenge them.

I use a standardized evaluation criteria so that you can benchmark all of your candidates fairly and consistently. 

This can be an (easy) informal interview or we choose a (tougher) dialogue based assessment to make them sweat.

Just give me 25 minutes with your candidates and you will know for sure if they are up to the job from a language and communication perspective.

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