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Back to Business, Baby!

A walk & talk mastermind for women expecting a baby who are determined to keep their career on track

In English

Welcoming Working Mums
Experienced Working Mums


Starting a family is the most natural thing in the world and modern women want it all, right? We hate compromise, so we want to juggle the responsibilities both at home and at work. It’s totally possible but takes practice and some guidance, together with other women, both in person, with your baby and online. This doesn’t have to be exhausting, you can still be a great Mum.

You’ll have the opportunity to talk openly and honestly about your concerns, progress and quirky Mum moments. You’ll be with other mums (to be) who can relate, so they understand your frustrations and will get excited about your opportunities too.

You’re keeping on top of your career:

– yourself
– your financial independence and
– to serve as an awesome role model for your children.

This group coaching model is for (secretly) ambitious women wanting to make a difference in their career in international teams where you work increasingly in English.

A lot of women come back to work realizing that they are hopelessly out of touch and out of their depth in English meetings. Let’s not lose that fluency and self confidence. Let’s plan together – in English – so that coming back will be

as smooth as your baby’s bottom 😉

Eine Familie zu gründen ist die natürlichste Sache der Welt, und moderne Frauen wollen alles haben, oder? Wir sind kompromissbereit und wollen die Aufgaben zu Hause und im Beruf unter einen Hut bringen. Das ist durchaus möglich, erfordert aber Übung und eine gewisse Anleitung, zusammen mit anderen Frauen, sowohl persönlich, beim Schieben des Kinderwagens als auch online. Das muss nicht anstrengend sein, Sie können trotzdem eine tolle Mutter sein.

Sie haben die Möglichkeit, offen und ehrlich über Ihre Sorgen, Fortschritte und skurrilen Momente als Mutter zu sprechen. Sie sind mit anderen (werdenden) Müttern zusammen, die Ihre Frustrationen nachvollziehen können und sich ebenfalls für Ihre Möglichkeiten begeistern.

Sie arbeiten an Ihrer Karriere für sich selbst, für Ihre finanzielle Unabhängigkeit und um Ihren Kindern ein großartiges Vorbild zu sein. Dieses Gruppen-Coaching-Modell ist für (insgeheim) ehrgeizige Frauen, die in internationalen Teams, in denen Sie zunehmend auf Englisch arbeiten, beruflich etwas bewegen wollen.

Viele Frauen kehren an ihren Arbeitsplatz zurück und stellen fest, dass sie in englischen Meetings hoffnungslos überfordert sind. Lassen Sie uns diese Sprachgewandtheit und dieses Selbstvertrauen nicht verlieren. Lassen Sie uns gemeinsam planen – auf Englisch -, damit die Rückkehr

so glatt wie ein Babypopo 😉

Get prepared - logistically & emotionally - in English

Back to Work Countdown

You go out for regular walks with your pram/stroller/buggy or sling regularly anyway so let’s do something for you as the mum. Why not meet up with other soon to be working mums to walk and talk. Be inspired by other mums with every intention of going back to work and managing it all brilliantly. Together this is a less stressful transition.

Family Focus

Defining new roles, priorities and schedules is challenging for any family but if the Mum also has career goals that tends to be magnified.

Lets talk about your support network and the logistics around juggling your career and a family but let’s also be honest about Mum shaming and our children’s anxiety.

Career Communication

Before you had a family making yourself heard was hard enough, especially if you are in a male dominated industry. Now you need to learn that fine line between assertiveness and approachability.

Let’s talk about setting and communicating boundaries and ensure that your expertise and commitment are never questioned.

Keep in Touch

Each week you will get one business conversation topic to discuss and one communication skill to practice via WhatsApp. Keep your Business brain ticking over in English in 3-5 minute bite sized activities designed specifically for busy Mums on the go.

As well as games, puzzles, how to videos, articles to read etc, as proud Mums there will also be photo challenges, baby food bake offs and shopping trips for those back to work outfits. Your body might have changed but you can still go back looking and feeling great.

Back to Business, baby!
Monthly Dinners

Create some ‘me time’ with other fun mums who are as determined as you to create that work life balance that seems so tough at times.

Let’s wine/juice and dine and enjoy hearing about each other’s success stories, workarounds and opportunities.

This is great for practicing small talk but there will also be a communication game and a conversational communication challenge to practice in pairs or small groups. A great excuse to get dressed up and put on some lipstick too.

Optional – Everyone pays for themselves, keep it simple.

Why Back to Business Baby Makes Sense.

In an era when finding and keeping great talent is challenging, it makes good business sense to make sure that existing staff on maternity leave come back to your organisation and not someone elses.

Employers often feel uncomfortable about reaching out to mothers on maternity leave, politically that can be tricky, right? But what if you could offer these experienced members of your organisation an educational networking opportunity that helps them to come back to work feeling self assured, up to date with their industry and confident speaking English?

As a Mum myself I have had to navigate the juggling act of work and family and as a communication expert, I can provide these valued employees with the skills, practice and confidence to hit the ground running as a new Mum still worthy of recognition and opportunities in their career

In einer Zeit, in der es schwierig ist, großartige Talente zu finden und zu halten, ist es wirtschaftlich sinnvoll, dafür zu sorgen, dass Mitarbeiter, die sich im Mutterschaftsurlaub befinden, zu Ihrem Unternehmen zurückkehren und nicht zu einem anderen.

Arbeitgeber fühlen sich oft unwohl, wenn es darum geht, Mütter im Mutterschaftsurlaub anzusprechen, denn das kann politisch heikel sein, oder? Aber wie wäre es, wenn Sie diesen erfahrenen Mitgliedern Ihres Unternehmens eine Gelegenheit zur Bildung von Netzwerken bieten könnten, die ihnen hilft, selbstbewusst an ihren Arbeitsplatz zurückzukehren, in ihrer Branche auf dem neuesten Stand zu sein und selbstbewusst Englisch zu sprechen?

Als Mutter musste ich selbst den Spagat zwischen Beruf und Familie meistern, und als Kommunikationsexpertin kann ich diesen geschätzten Mitarbeitern die Fähigkeiten, die Praxis und das Selbstvertrauen vermitteln, damit sie als frischgebackene Mütter wieder voll durchstarten können und trotzdem Anerkennung und Chancen in ihrer Karriere erhalten.

3 or 6 months?

This programme is not designed to be a one off course, it is designed to create a community of likeminded Mums who are career minded but mindful of their new role as mother. As new parents we can lose our self confidence and things like speaking in English for instance simply aren’t a priority when you have a new child to care for. In three or six months you can discuss – in English – what is important to you as a future working Mum in a safe space.

Dieses Programm ist nicht als einmaliger Kurs gedacht, sondern soll eine Gemeinschaft gleichgesinnter Mütter schaffen, die karriereorientiert sind, sich aber ihrer neuen Rolle als Mutter bewusst sind. Frauen können ihr Selbstvertrauen verlieren, und Dinge wie das Sprechen auf Englisch haben einfach keine Priorität, wenn man sich um ein neues Kind kümmern muss. In drei oder sechs Monaten können Sie – auf Englisch – in einem geschützten Rahmen darüber sprechen, was Ihnen als zukünftige berufstätige Mutter wichtig ist.

The right approach for each type of Mum

Nobody really knows what kind of child they will have or what kind of Mum they will become, there is no right or wrong. I have an online and offline option so that mums can choose the right approach for them. Just like parenthood this should be flexible, so if you want to offer your staff the opportunity to toggle between online and offline, let’s talk about that.




3 months

6 months *****

3 months

6 months

Back to Business Baby

The flexible solution with replays
1800 per person
  • 12 Weekly Walk & Talk Conversation in a pram friendly location #Berlin
  • Coffee & Cake
  • Back to Business Baby Workbook

Back to Business Baby

The flexible solution with replays
3240 per person
  • 24 Weekly Walk & Talk Conversation in a pram friendly location #Berlin
  • Coffee & Cake
  • Back to Business Baby Workbook

Back to Business Baby

The active solution with your baby
1950 per person
  • 12 Weekly Online Workshop with Career or Communication Challenge
  • Recordings
  • Back to Business Baby Workbook

Back to Business Baby

The active solution with your baby
3290 per person
  • 24 Weekly Online Workshop with Career or Communication Challenge
  • Recordings
  • Back to Business Baby Workbook

The programme is designed in such a way that your returning Mums and their youngest child, are gradually getting ready to get "Back to Business, Baby!"

No need to compromise.

Your staff can – with time, kindness and consideration – get smarter about juggling their family and career responsibilities IN ENGLISH. As their family becomes more independent, the business landscape becoming is getting more and more international and remote. Let’s make sure that they feel not just ready, but confident enough to get the recognition and opportunites that they deserve – possibly enabling a pipeline of future advocates of your organisation and possibly even board members.

Make diversity happen.

Mums want to know...

POWER OF THE CROWD – We co-create a workbook that can be used as a reference guide for later or next time around.

When/How will I tell my boss that I am pregnant?
How do I make sure that I get my own job back or at least a team to retain my leadership status?
What can I say if late afternoon meetings are putting me under pressure regarding childcare?
How can I establish and communicate my boundaries?
Who has a tip for me, my husband still expects me to do everything at home even though I am working full time again now?
What’s the legal situation if …?
What are the (long term) financial disadvantages of going back to work part time? (pension/Rente)



British Idiom “A problem shared is a problem halved”.
I often invite experts to join us, so if I don’t know, I’ll find a (wo)man that can.

Where do we meet?

Neurolinguistically speaking it makes more sense to meet in different places each time. Berlin is huge so this also makes it fair for everyone. Each route is carefully selected to accommodate drivers, bikers and those of you using public transport, the routes are flat enough for buggies and have a great, family friendly cafe where we will meet or stay in case it rains – every cafe has a clean and pleasant changing area so you can come back again with your family at the weekend some time. I’ll have my hands free to carry a baby – Yeah! – or push a pram in case your little bundle of joy is having a moment, no stress.

I’ll keep you thinking in English between the sessions with communication challenges via WhatsApp/Signal.

Pram or sling, that is up to each Mum!