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Onboarding a Diverse & Inclusive Team

Diversity & Inclusion Flower Activity

  • The idea of this activity is a fun way to encourage creative ideas amongst employees, in small groups, you’ll be surprised at the level of empathy and teamwork that can come out of this relatively quick and easy exercise. The hard part of course is securing that psychological safety in advance that will allow authenticity and honest to break free from secrecy. You’ll probably uncover some imposter syndrome too which is untapped talent waiting to be discovered. (If you are looking for an impartial coach, let me know and I can come to your organisation to faciliate)


    • All you need is plenty of colourful cards and markers for each group of 5-10 participants.
    • Each group needs collectively to draw a giant flower made up of a round center and an equal number of petals to indicate the number of participants in their group. 
    • First of all it’s time to discuss. Each group participant fills up the petals to showcase something unique about themselves – it can be a drawing, word, a cut out shape – anything goes – it just has to show what makes them stand out from others. It can be positive or negative. Ideally a nice mix of both but you will find that people can think about more negatives than positives, this is where you need to help your team mates to identify where their talents are – we all tend to take these for granted don’t we?
    • The flower should represent the whole group equally, so two petals each, three each etc
    • At the end of the discussion, which of course is over in no time, each team shows and shares insights about their flowers with the rest of the groups to discuss similarities and differences.



  • “Willing Able Mentoring” which is run by
  • “Evenbreak”: Where disabled candidates can search for jobs with inclusive employers. Including 69 jobs at the time of writing in Berlin for example.


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