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Authentic Leadership Crew


There’s more to strong communication skills than just Business English.

Being an English speaking expert means that you can do your job almost as well in English as in your own language. The gap between where you are now and near fluency is practice, practice, practice with feedback not just talking, but talking about your job and in your job in English on a regular basis.

If like many you are not getting any constructive feedback at work about how you communicate (in English) then the chances are you are repeating and hence reinforcing those mistakes time and time again – damaging your reputation each time.

The Authentic Leadership Crew is a corporate communication club designed specifically for intermediate to advanced speakers of English.

I created it for down to earth but smart and (secretly) ambitious experts who are ready to take their career up a level.

We’ll be learning and practicing how to lead with authenticity and impact through clever, intentional and persuasive communication in a wide range of situations, there is a mix of individual coaching and group learning.

It’s hands on and upbeat. The place to go for advice, dummy runs and a community that is there for you through the good, the bad and the ugly.

We celebrate your wins, whether #teeny tiny’ or ‘oh my blimey!’

I’m on a mission .... to help non native speakers of English to get the recognition that they deserve in their career - internationally.

Authentic Leadership Crew: A Comprehensive Leadership Program

Step 1:
English Mastery

  • English Excellence Refresher
  • Contributing in Conversation
  • The Language of Leaders

Step 2:
Communication Kudos

  • Constructive Conversations
  • Powerful Presentations
  • Speaking with Impact

Step 3:
Lean into Leadership

  • Driving Inspiration through Interaction
  • The Motivational Mindset
  • Creating the Culture for Change

Step 4:
Personal Branding

  • Authentic Personal Branding
  • The Credible Employer Brand
  • Trusted Leadership Presence

Step 5:
Sustainable Talent

  • The Intercultural Mindset
  • Neurodiversity Ninjas
  • Innovation through Diversity

English speaking Experts are in high demand

If you are working internationally, but English is not your first language, being an English Speaking Expert will give you a competitive advantage in performance reviews. As a confident speaker of English who knows their stuff you can be more flexible and hence provide more value to your employer and show up as the expert in your industry.

This club offers you a practical and powerful power up. Instead of just winging it or failing to make time to get to Business English lessons, in our membership club you’ll soon realize that we have created a friendly, supporting safe space to focus remotely on the right communication and leadership skills to give you the confidence to make a professional impression, in any business scenario.

At your level in your career, Business English lessons are too general. Specialists like you need more specific and personalised coaching! 121 coaching in isolation is an option but then you don’t have the power of the crowd and I hate compromises – don’t you? Here you get both.

Corporate communication challenges which increase your industry knowledge and network at the same time makes sense. Add to that a Pathway of Leadership Modules for you to do as and when you need them or systematically – that’s what you can expect here – a push and pull of learning and coaching alongside other leaders on a need to know basis.

Artificial Intelligence is great – there are some great tools that we’ll try out but at the end of the day connections are created through conversation, ideally face to face (in person or online) and in real time.


Professional Development On Tap

In 20 years of coaching, I have discovered that this is the only way that busy professionals are 

realistically going to find the time or inspiration to commit.

As international experts, clearly we speak and practice in English, but you’ll automatically 

start to use your newly acquired skills, tools and network in your own language too. 

You’ll start ‘showing up’ more with confidence and clarity.

From invisible to invincible

You’re an accomplished professional. In your own language, everyone knows that you are the expert.
But when the discussion is in English, you listen, smile and hope nobody asks you anything.
Do you see how language limitations keep us from showing up
Not any more Honey, this is the place to shine!
One conversation at a time.
Invisible - not visible >>> invincible - can do ANYTHING
  • You know what you want but can’t express yourself very well.
  • You write emails rather than speaking to people.
  • You’re worried about not being understood.
  • You want to feel more confident.
  • You want to connect with top experts in your industry.
  • You don’t want to ruin your professional reputation by making people feel uncomfortable or not appreciated but you need to up their game.
  • You don’t want to appear disinterested or out of your depth.
  • You don’t want to lose out on international opportunities.

    Let’s focus on your communication and leadership skills

Results Orientated Training

Grammar rules and Shakespeare won’t prepare you for heated discussions at work with often overpowering native speakers.

English Speaking Experts is designed specifically for people who take pride in their work, who are passionate about what they do, despite juggling a demanding career and other responsibilities.

This community is a network of like-minded go-getters who are ready for a career boost.

This is NOT FOR bullshitters, ego-maniacs or wimps that want to stay in their comfort zone. This is for people that want to make a difference by taking the initiative as a leader.

Unlike other clubs with thousands of members, on a mission to ‘scale’, I’m on a mission to inspire non native speakers to claim their space as a decision maker in an exclusive, intimate space where you can relax and learn from each other. No expectations, no judgement, no fail culture.

Every conversation carves your reputation.
One to One or on the stage.
Your message counts.
We’ll show you how.

Maximum of 50 Members from all over the world.

Formal & Informal

Whatever your next conversation is, you’ll be ready.

Whether your audience is an intimidating crowd of industry experts on stage with lights, a microphone and the press or “just” a couple of tricky personalities on the production line, your communication WILL make (or break) your career, one conversation at a time – so let’s work on it together.

One of the best things about being an English Speaking Expert is being able to practice in private and perform in public. In the communication co-working sessions, you’ll practice those awkward, important and complex conversations in pairs. That way nothing about being in an international team is intimidating or awkward. Communication makes multicultural teams an inspiring and rich working environment.

You’ll get detailed, top notch personal feedback from both myself and fellow business and technology experts – because giving feedback is an incremental leadership skill. Giving and receiving feedback is an integral part of the programme because that is what helps you to make progress faster.

By joining the English Speaking Experts, you are genuinely committing to your career in a sociable and supportive way.

Three Pillars of International Career Success

Level 1- Communication Kudos
Level 2 - Thought Leadership
Level 3- Leadership

Say yes to opportunities in English

If you want to say yes to opportunities but have to turn it down because your English isn’t good enough, change that. If you have been hiding behind your keyboard or making excuses not to attend English speaking events or meetings, that has to stop.

Soon you’ll be thinking no, but saying “YES!!!”, finally brave enough to leave that ‘comfort zone’.

Are you ready to focus on your career but you don’t want to be a jerk about it, you’re in the right place.

It’s time to refine the communication and leadership skills that you need to get the recognition that you deserve.

If you want to sound professional, when you are speaking to an international audience, practicing is not enough. You need honest, constructive feedback from a native speaking communication expert.

Female Professionals A Priority

Women are the missing link in today’s management landscape and leadership needs to learn how to make it enticing and flexible enough for women to go into leadership and then stay there even as a mother.

Yes It is possible!
Yes. Working mothers can juggle and excel in their career too.
No. Part time is not the only option.

You’ll discover what makes a stronger impression on these young professionals

Leadership Potential can take advantage of their maternity leave to commit to their personal development, so that they come back feeling and looking like a leader.

This keeps their finger on the pulse and maintains that level of knowledge and confidence that they need to come back not just as a mum, but also as a manager.

Let’s give talented women the skills, knowledge and confidence to take director positions at board level. 

Will you be one of them?
Will you be supporting women?


You ARE the expert, but in English, you don't sound like one YET

If you’re at a point in your career when people expect you to move up, but you feel that your English isn’t good enough, people start to wonder why and will assume that you’re not interested are not as knowledgeable as they thought.

To get a chance of being interviewed, you have to put “English: Fluent” on your CV but in business conversations that ‘fluency’ disappears. In fact if someone asked you what your English is like, you’d probably say, it’s ok, good enough to get by, average.

But is that really good enough?

Or is your English holding you back in a way that feels frustrating?  

Do you feel that people don’t really take you as seriously in English speaking meetings?

When the sexy projects always go to someone else because you didn’t put yourself forward, then inadvertently you’re handing it to them on a silver platter.

Why push them into the limelight whilst you take, yet another step back?

What you can expect?

The English Speaking Experts are improving in two ways.

1. Online Leadership Modules (5 Stages)
2. Group and Personal Coaching (Live & Recordings)
3. Coco’s Communication & Leadership Challenges
4. International Community of Phenomenal Leaders

It's a priority of mine to make my members feel safe and supported.​

Then there’s the community, where together in live sessions and recordings of ourselves, we try out a broad range of different communication techniques. Away from your colleagues, boss or clients, it’s easier to focus on your communication when your audience is other supportive English speaking experts.

You’ll be creating your unique communication toolbox to take into any conversation.

You will learn how to:

– give powerful constructive feedback
– design a handover that makes you shine as a professional,
– give status reports that impress
– hire the best team members
– negotiate for a pay rise
– pitch that great idea of yours…
– ??? What do you need to be able to communicate well?

Together we decide which skills, techniques and business situations you want to prepare for, practice and improve.

Monthly Missions

Each month you get a new corporate communication mission if you choose to accept the mission you’ll be able to soak up the excitement in the community, to keep you on track. Team and Individual challenges according to your energy and schedule.

This creates career relevance and community, with the flexibility to work at your own pace. At the end of the month, we share our communication mission outcomes. (Video, presentation slides, text, post, article etc)

Through the power of the crowd, you will have more confidence to speak up in English to share your opinions, perspectives and ideas.

These Monthly Missions are massive confidence boosters.  It forces us to step out of our comfort zones and to try something new.

At work, you’ll find yourself taking part in more business conversations that are driving success in your company or business. You’ll be looking for opportunities to contribute in English, to learn in English and to expand your career internationally.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it ....
Coco's Communication Challenge

Let's play!
Your communication sandpit.

The club provides you with an inspiring virtual space to learn, experiment and improve.

As well as learning to speak up, we’ll also be becoming better mentors by giving better instructions and feedback. All great leadership skills to get the most out of your team.

Together we practice in private behind closed doors, taking advantage of other people’s experience and industry knowledge, from a wide range of cultures and situations. Once you are ready, you can perform in public, at work with more confidence, energy and impact.

Start influencing people

As an English Speaking Expert, you’ll learn how to speak up in a way that gets you recognized as the expert. We focus not only on what you say but how you say it to get maximum impact.

Through practice and constructive feedback from me as your native speaking coach but also fellow English Speaking Experts,  your performance will improve in a range of business situations.

This isn’t just for extroverts though. It’s for passionate people that want to make a difference and there will be techniques for the quietly spoken people and introverts that put you on the radar without the limelight.

International Network

With English as the lingua Franca in an increasingly international business world, 

I am determined that this club’s membership will reflect that.

You will be surrounded with people from a broad range of industries and cultures, meaning that we can draw upon an impressive range of perspectives and ideas from other down to earth experts. That makes this a rich and rewarding networking and learning experience. Securing the career that you deserve will feel natural and right for you and your personality.

You’ll be spending more time with smart, results orientated, communicative people that have your back, who genuinely want you to succeed – from all over the world.

This intercultural, diverse membership inspires you to work more internationally.

Practice then perform

Together we are determined to be exceptional at what we do and make a difference, using 

communication as a means to connect, convince and collaborate internationally.

Great communicators are ideal leaders so as an English Speaking Expert, you’ll be setting yourself up for success with the right

– communication skills,
– thought leadership and
– leadership skills

to stand out and get the recognition that you deserve.

Every conversation counts and yes, even on the stage or as the author of your own English book, course or LinkedIn article, it should feel like a conversation for your audience.

Make a professional impression every time!

Personal Coaching

As an English Speaking Expert, you also get access to 1 hour of personal coaching per month. As a native speaking Business English trainer (British English) and a certified ICF business coach, you get the best of both worlds. A double whammy!

As a native speaking communication coach. I can look over your shoulder to make sure that your communication is free of mistakes BEFORE you hit send. This saves you time, energy and sleepless nights. You can take advantage of proofreading and buddy translation support (from both British English and American English professionals) in addition to

      • Performance practice including ‘Crowd Dummy Runs’ where other members will share their observations and advice too.
      • Language Feedback on the basics like vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

Why a club Corinne?

I am not a believer of promising the world just because people don’t want to put the work in. Whilst our community feels nothing like work most of the time, you do need to commit and show up if you are to become a stronger communicator If like me, you love to benefit from other people’s experience, then this club is exactly that – a ‘power of the crowd’ haven.

Learning how to communicate effectively requires practice, feedback and improvement. You’ll start seeing results quickly, which feels great, but to genuinely build confidence, fluency and the freedom to perform instantly, you’ll need to commit.

The reality is that for sustainable learning you need to persist and focus on these skills for months not weeks. That’s incredibly powerful with other English Speaking Experts from other industries and cultures. This cumulative knowledge building is what lets you proactively move the needle on your career.

We GO BEYOND knowing what to say (Business English) and together we work on HOW to say it for maximum impact (Communication skills & Leadership)


What's included?

    • DAILY
      – Impressive Vocabulary in a business context
      – Thought Leadership Prompts
    • WEEKLY
      – Interactive, upbeat Webinars (recordings available)
      – Live Masterminds Eg Preparation for Keynotes, Presentations & Pitches.
      Intercultural Insights through Interviews/Articles
      – Office Hours to Conquer Corporate Communication

– Co-working Sessions for Thought Leadership

– Monthly Missions
– Leadership Level Up Masterminds with hot seats
– Business English Q&A/Proofreading
– Business Book Club

ANNUAL Live Event EU (Learn, Laugh, Level up)

– Industry, culture and regional hubs
– LIVE Business English Refresher Course
– Business English Reference Desk (From BE Q&As)
– Feature in the English Speaking Experts Directory
– Communication tool demos and discounts.
– Media Training
– Certificate of International Business Communication

English Speaking Experts get an opportunity to be interviewed on my podcast “Experts! Speak English!”

Having established yourself as an English Speaking Expert this will be the one of many media appearances. In the pre-show coaching we’ll make sure you make a professional impression in front of an international audience in English.
Then I help you to maximize on this media exposure for more opportunities in your career.

Key Facts

WHEN? Originally planned for 5th May, but good things come to those that wait, bear with me, why not join the waiting list.

€89 per person per month >>> or >>>
per person per month for the first 10 people to sign up
My regular hourly rate for One to One work is €150/hr

HOW MANY MEMBERS? 50 Members in the first 12 months

This will be a very international membership of experienced experts, all with at least 10 years of industry experience, ideally at management level.

LANGUAGE LEVEL? You need to be confident reading and understanding English, there will be access to a Business English refresher course if you haven’t used your English for some time, or to refer to the grammar, glossary, phrases etc

Intermediate/advanced. This is NOT a business English club, it is a Corporate Communication club specifically for non native speakers of English. Step 1 is a business refresher, beyond that the focus is on communication and leadership (in English).

Where's the countdown gone, Coco?

I’m currently testing the programme with a kind and supportive group of beta testers, I plan on launching the club soon but I am not sure exactly when – it will be in September/October 2024

I’m busy making sure that the onboarding system etc is really well thought through because that is what makes or breaks online learning.

Forgive the delay but it will be worth it. Click below to be the first to find out more and get the opportunity to be a beta tester.

Just a click away from global English Speaking Experts

Join our waiting list

Intrigued? If you would love to have instant access to native speaking coach plus an international crowd of incredible experts, you’re in the right place. If you would love to connect and communicate more effectively, then may I personally welcome you to our international community.

Quite frankly, it’s going to be flipping awesome! So if you want to be one of 50 English Speaking Experts, click below to get your name on the waiting list now.

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