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Well read and fluent in English:
4 Hot Communication Book Recommendations #162

What to expect...

Everyone can find something to read in English, but are you wasting an opportunity to supercharge your English and expand your knowledge? Reading is a great way to boost your reputation as the English Speaking Expert. Corinne shares some VIP ‘deep reading’ techniques that her VIP WhatsApp Fluency Booster clients got to find out about first. 

Book Recommendations

Whether you enjoy reading or listening more, knowledge is certainly going to single you out as the expert. So here are the four books that I can recommend you to read about leadership and communication

ReferableSpeakerBookCover - Experts speak English Podcast

The Referable Speaker: Your guide to building a sustainable speaking career - no fame required.

By Michael Port & Andrew Davis

NewsletterNinja book recommendation Experts Speak English Podcast


LeiseMenschenVerkaufenAnders Book Cover - Book Recommendation - Experts Speak English Podcast

Leise Menschen Verkaufen Anders

Turn the Ship Around

By L. David Marquet

Coco's Communication Challenge

Take a book that you have read and re-read it by looking at the marked sections. Find yourself a space where you won’t be disturbed, get yourself a nice cup of tea or a glass of wine and go through what you have marked.

Make some notes on the left of the page and on the right, there is space for action points.
Choose a colleague or friend who is interested in the same topics or who has read the same book and arrange to meet them to chat about their take aways and action points.

Keep each other accountable with a simple weekly call or whatsapp check in to turn knowledge into capabilities and skills.



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For years I have been an advocate of reinforcing learning through additional little learning activities that are quick and easy to do from your Smartphone and WhatsApp has been my go to solution for over 10 years now. Here’s an idea of what to expect…

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