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Clever2gether Communication - Episode 122

Effective Communication & Strong Corporate Culture at the Core

Show Notes

There are more disadvantages being listed than advantages, despite this, my personal opinion is that despite the number of the disadvantages, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of 360 degree feedback over all.

Advantages of 360 Degree Feedback

Disadvantages of 360 Degree Feedback

Feedback Tips from Episode 121 & Episode 122

Giving Feedback

Be honest and kind
Lead with the positives
Make your feedback constructive
Be respectful
Make yourself available for follow up and support
Provide SPECIFIC examples
Make suggestions regarding training or coaching topics based on the feedback

360 Degree Feedback

If you are involved in the implementation of a 360 Feedback Process then be sure to weave it into the existing personal development system, tightly linked to your corporate goals and mission and make sure that you have incorporated the change management principles that will keep your corporate culture stable and secure. This is a sensitive topic that affects everyone in the organisation so make sure that there is a well thought through onboarding process for everybody involved and that you have thought about systems for not only collecting the information but evaluating and analysing it and storing it – DGSVO conform of course.

Be sure to consider coaching for this anonymous approach so that each individual can develop in their career and achieve the right work/life balance to secure their loyalty, commitment and performance.


if you have identified competencies & detailed job descriptions, give them feedback based on their performance in that role.

360 Degree Feedback will be an absolute disaster if it is just an add on.


Being vague for fear of hurting an employees’ feelings might make them feel like a lost cause.