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Mental Health

Interview with Corina Zanner Entwistle

My interview guest, the incredible, Corina Zanner Entwistle from South Africa but with German parents and a British hubby (husband) is working internationally as a mental health coach. She shares some relatively quick and easy corporate mental health strategies that don’t need to cost a lot of money, so lack of budget is a bit lame to be honest.

Mental health isn’t rocket science.

With a bite sized approach of little and often you can carve a corporate culture that is one that people thrive in. Through reactive, preventative and awareness raising in a mental health culture that embraces the human cost of profitability, you will actually be rewarded with loyalty and results to be proud of.

Corina Zanner Entwistle mentioned some interesting statistics about mental health in this podcast interview, she kindly shared her sources

0.30 Introducing Corina
1.50 Our mental health is the essence of everything that we do
2.10 “I don’t need 8 hours of sleep!”
2.50 Sleep facilitates learning
3.14 Not enough sleep – affects performance
3.20 Crisis Management – regrets, tired/under pressure >>> communication blunders
3.56 Awake & Alert >>> think clearly, properly
4.25 Losing your temper, saying things that you regret >>> huge domino effect
4.50 Misunderstandings can lead to bigger scale problems like accusations of bullying/mobbing
5.15 High pressure periods are stressful! – Eg. budgeting for the financial teams
5.25 Plan in periods of recovery, so that you can function at your best (before, during, after)
5.53 In a good place, can communicate more naturally, flow
6.00 Normalizing the conversation around mental health
6.40 Corporate and family socialization – Accessible 24/7, working harder
6.47 Statistics about productivity and interruptions.
7. 20 Need to manage our sleep & put boundaries around your time
7.42 Mental health is not the same as mental illness! Spectrum
8.00 Systems and structures around talking about mental health – manage stigma proactively
8.31 Traffic light system – enter at your own risk, leave me alone, not feeling that great, would love you to pop in for a chat
9.37 Team Meeting, start with a meditation, right space – calm and relaxed/energised
10.00 Police station v corporate, adapt
10.30 Disrupt the status quo – games? No time for games. Corporate culture has an impact,
10.40 Not monopoly, check in. It can be fast, easy and fun
11.25 No time for games – right, I know my place
11.50 How can building an awareness of mental health affect the bottom line?
12.20 6/10 people in a meeting on average will have a mental health issue
13.10 Impact on ROI & Profitability. “Mental health has a direct link to profitability”
13.35 CEOs themselves are 50% more likely to have a mental health issue
13.56 C Suite staff off work – burnout
14.00 Create an organisation when you can prevent burnout, that’s where you really make a difference
14.15 Deloittes 2019 (Pre Covid) Research
14:54 Mental Health Return on Invesment
15:35 Health Insurance Companies in Germany offer incentives – preventative activities (nordic walking, yoga etc)
16.18 Budgeting Period, anticipate stressful periods and build mental health around it
16: 33 Students/studying – burning the midnight oil. “What happens after the exams?
17.17 Athletes – period of recovery is fundamental between events
17.30 In business for some reason, we just go going – bang into the next project
18.03 Burnout/stress? How would I know as the boss, which signs to look out for?
18.30 Headaches, physical symptoms. Many serious illnesses are stress related including cancer
19.15 How do I recognize the symptoms – me and my team?
19.30 3 pronged approach a) awareness of self b) awareness of others c) awareness in the community
20.08 “We don’t always take out our frustrations out on the person that caused them, do we?” CW
20.27 It doesn’t just stay with one person. Someone always gets the flack somehow
21.07 Perceptions about having to accept a negative corporate culture. Can change it, but not over night, not alone.
21.43 Proactive mental health initiatives – eg mental health day, just a box ticking exercise
22.15 Perfect Day Ritual,habits can change through neglect/apathy.
23.07 Meeting and Meditation can become part and parcel of the daily work routine
23.40 Professional athletes (before, during, after – rest)
24.25 Performance, commercial impact of football being less pragmatic about pauses
25.08 Plan in advance for high pressure work phases, implement strategies right from the start. Day to day basis.
25.25 Mental health an integral part of the business strategy, each project, launch etc should have mental health built in
26.00 Sales, tough career choice, hard work because it is commission based, no buffer, not time to recover, offer a reward, opportunity to recover without being financially disadvantageous
27.00 Summary
27.30 Stress is inevitable, protect your team

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Corina’s 3 Top Tips

1. Plan periods of recovery’
2. Plan things that you can control
3. Build in ‘constructive pauses’ during the day
4. Celebrate the small wins too (CW)

30.00 Time out, 100th episode before an 8 week break.
30.30 Subscribe and share this episode, thanks for listening, take care now
30.50 Be the very best communicator that you can be


Mental Health Statistics


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