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Persuasion WEBINAR (free)

The art of persuasion for a support system that sizzles!

Why learn to be more persuasive?

As little girls we were all more persuasive weren’t we?
What happened? I’ll tell you on the webinar 😉

The reality is that persuasion gets you what you want in life, so in this webinar I am going to teach you three persuasion techniques, so that you can secure a strong, solid, sizzling support network.

I’m a hands on girl, so you’ll be practicing 3 communication techniques straight away with each other in break out rooms, with other amazing professional women, who like you, aren’t hot on compromise.


close-up of mom at the table working and holding the baby in her arms
Doing everything on your own soon wears off, so let's create a support system that sizzles!
Girl studying with grandma.

I already have a support network!

That’s great, but does it sizzle?
Is it bulletproof?
What happens if someone is ill, on holiday or your child is sick?

Or do your children groan about going to grandmas, the hort or stupid tennis lessons?

A sizzling support system gives your children the right experiences and people to make them feel amazing, appreciated and able.

You’ll find out why that sizzle is worth securing.
Hint: Sizzle or frazzle?

You’ll also learn to identify how reliable and rock solid your support network is.



What can you expect to learn in this free webinar?

I’ll introduce three out of 9 neuro nudges that you can take advantage of to get people on board with your idea and happy to help.

You can practice these techniques at home to get your kids to tidy their room, get your hubby to do more around the house or your babysitter to stay just half an hour longer. You choose.

Once you have tried it out, it’s time to test them out at work. With practice, you’ll gradually start gaining people’s attention more and winning people over.



Happy african young woman freelancer businesswoman working on laptop remotely, watching webinars

It feels kind of cool when you get it right and I dare you not to smirk as you return to your desk with a small win.

When is it?

Mark your schedule – 25th of January at 13.00 CEST
Just 45 minutes – I promise!

You will need to register to attend.
The event is free but you will have to actively take part to learn these three communication techniques.

✔ Save the Date!!!!

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Will there be a recording?

Yes there will be a recording, but it will be available for just 24 hours after the webinar. The chances of you watching it after then are slim anyway to be honest, aren’t they?

Having said that – this is the first and only time that I will hold the webinar for free, after that it goes into my Back to Business Baby Course

Benefits of showing up live?

1. I will be answering all of your questions.
2. You will get the opportunity to get some hands on ‘Persuasion Princess Practice’ – because that is where the learning magic happens.
3. You’ll get the opportunity to spend time with other career minded Mums who are also keen to master the work/family juggling act.
4. You’ll go away feeling empowered and upbeat.

5. No time to sell you anything, this is all about you and your support network sizzle!


(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ See you there!
Take care now,
Coco ♥