Pimp my English – Coaching & Cocktail to go (Berlin & Potsdam)


Pimp My English – Coaching & Cocktail to go, is a unique, outdoor learning experience on the go, followed by a well deserved cocktail. We meet from 3pm to 5pm so take the afternoon off and treat yourself to a thoroughly enjoyable learning experience out in the fresh air. This light hearted but effective approach to business English coaching is available in Berlin and Potsdam and takes 2 hours.


Pimp my English is a unique and enjoyable way to ‘pimp’ or improve your English as we walk, followed by a well deserved cocktail. We meet from 4pm to 6pm so indulge yourself, take the afternoon off and treat yourself to a thoroughly enjoyable language learning experience out in the fresh air.  It’s a great gift too! Come alone or with a friend or colleague.

Is it time to ‘Pimp my English’?

If you have something coming up in English, where you need to perform and make a good impression in English, you don’t need lessons but practice – ideally with somebody to tell you if you are making any embarrassing mistakes. Let’s pimp your English – give it a little polish, make it sound more impressive.

to pimp – to make something more showy or impressive

to pimp my English – improve my English, making it more professional and impressive

Perhaps you struggle to find the right words or you are worried about saying something wrong, or upsetting someone. That’s natural if you don’t get the opportunity to speak English regularly at work. If you want to practice but certainly don’t want lessons then use this opportunity to make a professional impression, by starting with a cocktail.

It is just you and me, so you can relax and focus on yourself for once.

We pimp or improve your school English, converting it into professional business English by preparing specifically for your ‘performance’.

* Job interview,
* Performance Appraisal,
* Speech
* Pitch
* Perhaps you are just looking for a more personal and enjoyable alternative to English lessons.

Great, let’s walk! Being outdoors lets you relax and then concentrate without feeling judged, watched or under pressure, it’s just the two of us taking in the nature as we walk.

Business English or Communication Coaching dependent on your language level

If you cannot think of the right English words fast enough, if you struggle to understand everything or feel uncomfortable actually ‘speaking’ in English, you need practice and feedback from a native speaker who also is a communication expert. Perhaps however you feel quite confident speaking in English so as an advanced speaker of English, you might have no problem finding the right words but you still struggle to come over in the right way, get people to take action or make the right impression.

Let’s work on that as we walk. It’s two hours of hyper focus, so you will deserve that cocktail, let’s go!

  • Women Only
  • Intermediate & Advanced Speakers only
  • Fit enough to walk for an hour and a half without a break

When and where?

Wednesdays from 4.30pm- 6.30pm
14089 Kladow, Berlin
Why not take the BVG ferry for that holiday feeling? (It runs once an hour & gets you there 5-10 minutes early)
Plenty of parking.

I reserve a spot for Pimp My English once a week. During the warmer months we drink a cocktail or mocktail, in the winter we can drink Glühwein or Kinderpunsch.

Sometimes people ask me if we can do it the other way around (Cocktail first, then the walk, so that they feel brave mütig but the walk and talk lulls you quickly and naturally into the flow that you need, plus you need to earn that drink first, Honey!

Why do we need to WALK and talk?

One of the biggest problems that I see my clients struggling with, is feeling uncomfortable and self conscious speaking in English. Being outdoors helps you to relax and focus in English. By getting you away from your desk and out into the fresh air, you can concentrate on your communication in English without feeling watched or judged.  Getting you out of the city and into a more rural space, gets you more value for money because we can ‘hit the ground running’ faster. In Kladow, the pace is slower and the nature is instantly calming, plus I know a great place to enjoy our cocktail with a view of the lake.

Your body activates your mind, so movement is vital for your concentration, especially after work. The walking helps you to relax and soon you’ll be calm enough to relax and enjoy this unique language learning experience as your fluency kicks in.

Don’t worry about making notes, I’ll do that with audio messages on my phone, which I will share with you afterwards. My coaching technique gives you an opportunity to repeat and experiment with the new words, phrases and structures as we walk. For detailed, constructive feedback you can sign up for a follow up language feedback session online.

What do I need to bring/wear to the ‘Pimp My English’?

Just wear comfortable clothing, sturdy shoes and a waterproof coat, perhaps a hat and gloves if it is colder.
Don’t forget your mask, Corona App/Identification/Passport – you know the drill – and … a smile.

Cocktails are on me!

I pay for the cocktails, so it is my treat, all you have to do is take in the scenery and experience a new approach to practicing your English followed by a well deserved drink.

If you need a more intensive, structured approach which involves walking, then you might be a better fit for  ‘Perfect my English’ – Coaching and Comfort Food