(139) ESE Podcast Interview about Conflict Mediation with Jürgen von Oertzen

Experts! Speak English! Podcast Empathising, resolving and recovering from Conflict with Jürgen von Oertzen Coco’s Communication Challenge Conflict Cafe (Linkedin Audio Event) When? Wednesday 5th October at 16.00 CEST Free Registration Connect with Jürgen Von Oertzen Jürgen can be contacted online both via his website at www.einigungshilfe.de (Conflict Mediation) and via LinkedIn  He’ll also be […]

(136) How Non Native Speakers Behind Their Keyboards Can Cause Conflicts

Experts! Speak English! PODCAST How Keyboard Hogging Non Native Speakers Can Cause Conflicts Are you hiding behind your keyboard? If you think that you can avoid conflict by hiding behind your keyboard, you are mistaken, Honey. If English isn’t your first language and you hide in the security of AI like Deepl and spellchecker, then […]


Edtech Article Edtech – a start up using technology to provide an education solution is right up my alley (I love it). Having supported startups in the creation of systems and communication best practices, edtech has always been intriguing to me. CLICK!!! >>> Does edtech respect children’s privacy?

(134) Planning, Presenting and Performance Evaluation (using the rule of threes)

Experts! Speak English Podcast Planning, Presentation & Performance Evaluation in 3s Well, hello, it’s Coco here and last week we were talking about the Rule of Threes. Now, if I caught your attention with that, then I think it’s time to talk about how to plan, present and evaluate your performance using the Rule of […]

(131) Tomorrow’s English Speaking Experts – Your children

Experts! Speak English! #131 Tomorrow’s English Speaking Experts – Your children How to expose your children to intercultural experiences At home Whether it is in your home town or home country, here are some ideas for exposing your children to a diverse range of cultures at an age when they are the most impressionable. Abroad […]

(130) Dealing with Strong Accents in International Business Meetings

Experts! Speak English! #130 The English Speaking Expert Despite the Accent What is an accent? Definition of accent An accent is a distinctive way of pronouncing words and sentences in a language, especially one that is associated with a particular country (British, German, Australian accents etc) Accents can be regional too though or even associated […]

(129) Humour in Professional Conversations

Experts! Speak English! #129 Become The Humourous Expert What is Humour (UK) or Humor (US)? Humour/Humor- Explaining something in a way that makes it funny, it might make you chuckle or laugh, or just smile, but being humourous is a great way to make your message more memorable and interesting In context… “I love hearing […]

(128) The Power of Persuasion in International Business Communication

Experts! Speak English! #128 The Power of Persuasion in International Business Communication https://englishspeakingexperts.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/The-Power-of-Persuasion-in-International-Business-Communication-128-Made-by-Headliner.mp4 What is Persuasion? Persuasion – ÜberzeugungThe action, process or communication that encourages or motivates, perhaps convinces someone to do or believe something. In context… “Coco do you want to go for an ice cream?”“I’d love to, but I am trying to lose […]