Persuasion Webinar – Secure Your Sizzling Support System!

Persuasion WEBINAR (free) The art of persuasion for a support system that sizzles! REGISTER for Free Webinar Why learn to be more persuasive? As little girls we were all more persuasive weren’t we? What happened? I’ll tell you on the webinar 😉 The reality is that persuasion gets you what you want in life, so […]

(142) From Feedback to Feedforward – Your Employee Loyalty Superpower

Experts! Speak English! Podcast How to become a feedback superhero Where have I been the last three weeks? Hello and welcome to a new episode of Experts! Speak English! It’s great to have you here today and I’ve missed you guys because those of you that are listening regularly will have noticed that the last […]

(141) Working Internationally – Culture Counts with Dr Mike Jones

Experts! Speak English! Podcast Working Interculturally in China and Saudi Arabia. An interview with Dr Mike Jones. Connect with Mike Jones My Podcast Interview with Mike Jones about working internationally and the impact of cross cultural differences MY BLURB ABOUT WHY I HAVE BEEN AWAY Corinne: Hello and welcome to a new episode of Experts! […]