English Speaking Experts CLUB


English Speaking Experts is for non-native speakers of English working in international business or in agile teams, who want to make a more professional impression. We work on making your informal and formal business conversations more impactful by focusing not only on what you are saying but how you are saying it. We’ll look at a broad range of communication skills and together you will prepare for a series of business scenarios in an international, inspiring and informative working space where communication and results go hand in hand.




English Speaking Experts

English speaking Experts are in high demand, so if you are working internationally, but English is not your first language, this could be your practical and powerful level up from winging it or advanced Business English lessons. Together with other industry experts from all over the world, you will be focusing on and improving a broad range of business communication skills in English. We’ll cover everything from appraisals/performance reviews to exit interviews. Whether your next conversation is and an informal chat with a couple of team members or on the stage in front of 1002 industry experts, on the stage with lights and a microphone, your communication will make (or break) your career, so let’s work on it together. By joining our club, you are genuinely committing to your career in a sociable and supportive way.

As an English Speaking Expert, you’ll learn how to speak up in a way that gets you recognized as the expert. We focus not only on what you say but how you say it to get maximum impact. Through practice and constructive feedback from me as your native speaking coach but also your fellow English Speaking Experts, your performance will improve in a range of business situations. The club provides you with an inspiring virtual space to learn, experiment and improve, so we practice in private behind closed doors, with other experts like yourself and once you are ready, you can perform in public, with more confidence, energy and influence.

Each month there is a fresh communication mission and you can join that challenge or come back to it again at any time. Through the power of the crowd, you will become a more confident speaker of English and hence take a more integral part of the business conversations that are driving success in your company or business.

Given that English is the lingua Franca in the business world, this club’s membership reflects that. We are from a broad range of industries and cultures, meaning that we can draw upon an impressive range of perspectives and ideas from other down to earth experts. This is a friendly and supportive club of international experts – English speaking experts, which is not only good for constructive and sustainable learning but also for networking. You’ll be spending more time with smart, results orientated, communicative people that have your back and want you to succeed.

Together we are determined to be exceptional at what we do and make a difference, using communication as a means to connect, convince and collaborate internationally. Great communicators are ideal leaders so I’m setting you up for success with the communication skills, thought leadership and leadership skills to stand out and get the recognition that you deserve. Every conversation counts and yes, even on the stage or as the author of your own English book, course or LinkedIn post, it should feel like a conversation for your audience.

What’s included?

In addition to communication co-working, self-paced communication modules, intercultural insights through guests and interactive, upbeat webinars plus industry and culture hubs you will also get access to personal coaching (this is something that I will no longer be offering to non-members in the future).  This means that you will have exclusive access to me as a native speaking communication coach at your side to look over your shoulder and make sure that your communication is free of mistakes. You can take advantage of  proofreading and buddy translation support in addition to performance practice and feedback on the basics like vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. For this reason there wil never be more than a 100 members in the English Speaking Experts Lounge – that way I can support you fully.

As the club grows I will be bringing in trainers and coaches with different industry specialisms to compliment my own, (communication, agile & marketing ) with different accents and experience to draw upon.