Perfect My English Business Coaching & Lunch (3 hours outdoors + 2 hours online)


Perfect my English is a unique blended learning learning methodology that combines the benefits of walk and talk with online learning. My unique learning approach was developed specifically for business and technology experts who felt anxious speaking in English. It is a supercharged version of the way that I learned German in just 6 weeks without lessons.

Do you feel blocked, nervous or inhibited when you speak in English?
If so, then getting outdoors will help you to relax and speak freely, knowing that nobody can hear or judge you. This intensive walk and talk technique is used strategically by managers and business owners from Apple and Facebook to develop a deeper connection with their teams.

It’s a 12 day blast of commitment to yourself and your career.
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This practical and powerful outdoor coaching technique is where we walk and talk in English. We go beyond small talk and general conversation to talk in detail about business topics and challenges affecting you, your career, your team and your industry. After our coaching you will feel confident talking about your area of expertise to make a great impression. You’ll feel more confident – no matter which communication challenge we focus on.

Which communication challenge or performance is coming up in your career?
To get it absolutely right, let’s walk and talk.

Whether it is an informal conversation with a difficult person or a more formal situation, like a podcast interview or keynote, walking in the fresh air makes sense. By talking through exactly what your message will be and how you will deliver it for full impact, you’ll get clarity – it is incredibly effective and enjoyable. Together, no judgement, no inhibitions, just you and I, you are free to experiment and speak out loud with only the wild animals as your audience.

I often include exercises that work best outdoors, to focus on our voice, projection, posture and body language and this holistic approach to coaching will calm you, then you’ll notice that you are able to focus completely and that is what lets us really boost your performance.

The advantages of walk and talk coaching

  • Walking and talking outdoors is the perfect combination to clear your mind.
  • It’s easier to think on the go, prepare to get more creative and think outside the box.
  • Getting away from the hustle and bustle of the office and devices, is constructive self-care
  • Being at one with nature, helps you prioritize and put yourself first.
  • You will come back feeling calm and resilient, in control and confident.

With each step you get closer to knowing exactly what you need to say but more importantly, how to say it for maximum impact. This mindfulness around the delivery of your message gives you the practice you need to feel comfortable with your message. As a native British-English speaker I can correct any grammar or pronunciation problems and help you to carve a message that sounds professional but authentic to you.

Before the walk, we make arrangements for our walk and talk via messenger – you choose from a selection of routes. Don’t worry about getting back to the office hot and sweaty, it’s a brisk walk, not a race. You will come back energized and inspired.

On the day of our walk and talk, we meet in a café, clarify your challenge, then walk and talk for 90-120 minutes. I record your progress using voice recordings for the detailed feedback and exercises in the online session, so you don’t have to worry about making notes. At the end of the walk, we switch back into social English over lunch to give you a break before some general but personal language learning feedback over dessert.

To discuss the detailed language feedback in the audio recordings, we immediately schedule your follow-up online session within 3 days of the walk and until that call we’re in touch via messenger #Berlin #Potsdam

Walk and talk is a technique that I developed in the Bavarian mountains when an older client on a mission to become a business owner was struggling to focus. We walked and talked and whilst I (at the time rather overweight) sweat and swore, she shone and became a much more self-assured version of herself. She felt free, the words flowed and she could think more clearly – it was a mind-boggling transition and the nature became our favourite classroom. I’ve been enhancing this approach with hundreds of clients ever since. It’s more than just a walk in the park.

It’s perfect for you if you:

– feel that you should be doing more sport
– have an important event/conversation coming up and you need to get it just right in English
– haven’t spoken English recently and need to perform soon
– have a (new) international team and you need to hire or manage them in English
– have an international (English) job or media interview coming up
– need to make an unpopular announcement
– have to resolve a conflict between English speaking people or parties
– already speak English confidently but feel that you are not hitting home with your message
– tend to confuse or upset people
– have been invited for a job interview or performance review in English

3 hours in person coaching (outdoors)
12 days of WhatsApp support (5-15 minutes/work day)
1 hour virtual coaching



Perfect My English is a focused and fun way to improving your English as we walk.

Being outdoors in the fresh air, means that you will be able to relax faster, giving you the calm and clarity to focus.

You bring a specific communication challenge to the session and we work exclusively on that. In addition to results driven feedback specific to your communication goal, you also get some fresh air and some light exercise. After our walk, you’ll practice that all important small talk over lunch and over coffee, you’ll get plenty of feedback, help with vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar, but you’ll also receive communication tips to really make a professional impression.

At the end of the session we book your virtual deep dive of your language feedback which really drives your performance. The learning experience is maximized by strategically designed speaking tasks and exercises via messenger (WhatsApp/Signal) with a rich combination of reading, writing, listening, watching but the clear focus is on speaking.

Perfect My English is an intense but extremely enjoyable and effective way to prepare for the specific business conversation in English. Getting you outdoors is a constructive commitment to both your career and yourself.  By focusing on your communication in English, you are also dedicating the time and energy to your own fitness, resilience and immune system. #Berlin #Potsdam

You will go into the conversation fully prepared, knowing exactly what to say and how to say it. You’ll convince people to take action, boosting your reputation and personal brand. This will be the first step in creating a rewarding career through confident, clear and convincing communication.

It’s great for your career, but crucial for your own self confidence too.