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Milestones and Mastery: Celebrating 10,000 Downloads & Mastering the Art of Podcast Interviews #165

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Top 10 Most Popular Episodes of the Experts! Speak English Podcast

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Coco's Communication Challenge

1. Select 12 Shows where guests are invited to share knowledge similar to yours and subscribe to them all. You can also zone in on podcasts that have a similar target market.
2. Set aside some time each week to listen to all of the shows over the course of the next 4-8 weeks.
3. Connect with the podcast host on Linkedin (using a private message that lets them know that you are a subscriber to the show) or another social media and then share a show, tagging them.
4. Keep listening for another week or so, then reach out to the podcast host personally, telling them which shows you enjoyed the most and why. (No ask just yet)
5. Rate their show.
6. When you feel ready and a relationship has been established, reach out telling them not just what you know but how it would benefit their listeners and see if you can get your first podcast interview.
7. Once you have scheduled one, get busy contacting the others and get ready to implement the tips in this episode.

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"Experts Speak English Podcast #165"