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Conflict Management Compass

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Conflict Compass

What happened immediately before the conflict?
When does this situation come up?
Who was involved?
Where does it happen most often or most acutely?
How does this conflict show up?
Why does this issue cause so much conflict?

Take the biggest piece of paper you can find and create your own compass, a bit like a mindmap.

Usually this will be a technique to sort your own thoughts and get some perspective on the conflict, using this compass format.

You can of course use an online tool (for example if you want to share your thoughts or work through it as a group).

In my experience though, big fat markers and flip chart paper will bond you more as a team than an online solution.

Remote teams of course can turn to Miro or a whiteboard to simulate the same collaborative approach – just make sure that everybody is involved.

Conflict Management Compass - Corinne Wilhelm

Describing your emotions

Expressing Your Emotions - adjectives

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